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Fluorite Hammered Hair Pin
Fluorite Hammered Hair Pin

Fluorite Hammered Hair Pin

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Shaped and Hammered Copper Hair Pins:
featuring Fluorite from the Rogerly Mine in Durham England. They are naturally fluorescent, changing color in the sun and glowing under a black light!
Each one of a kind stone is cradled into an organic bezel setting that feels like they came from the earth this way in ancient Egypt perhaps.
Made in house with a comfortable and strong base, these pins hold well with even the thickest hair, are gently on delicate hair.. and look amazing! 
  • Each Pin is a one of a kind Please handle with care
  • All stones are cleansed with cedar and white sage prior to shipment
  • Made with a prayer of love by Elizabeth Cline in San Francisco, CA
  • Wrapped in Dreamers of Dreams travel/gift bag!

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