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#5 Viktoriya Neverov-Krstic & Anna Frumkin : Rituals + Alchemy

Rituals + Alchemy
Maker: Viktoriya Neverov-Krstic & Anna Frumkin    Business: Rituals + Alchemy
Product/Service Description:
Bridging together western nutrition with traditional Chinese medical herbs is what makes R + A standout.  Our flagship product, Sleep Juju is an herbal and mineral elixir with soothing magnesium, jujube seed + magical mulberry to help calm the mind, promote beauty from within, and provide a restful night of sleep.
Q: Can You distill you business vision down to 3 words?

Ritual, alchemy, manifest

Rituals and Alchemy Sleep JuJu Magnesium Supplement

Q: When was the inspiration for starting Rituals + Alchemy?

We met at a networking event and realized we were both referring our clients to similar herbs and supplements. We mutually saw there was a hole in the supplement market for a calming blend that takes into consideration both western and eastern traditions.

 Q: What part of starting your company did you really enjoy?

First, we loved realizing that we can actually accomplish this dream. Second, we had a great time developing the formula as well as designing our brand and expanding our ability to help more people.

 Q: What aspect of doing business have you felt challenged by? and how did you overcome it?

We've had to become very resourceful when it comes to the financial part of the business since we are self-funded. This has been the greatest challenge for us, but also the biggest source of reward because every time we face this difficulty, we manage to figure it out through our determined attitude and not taking 'no' as an answer. Our motto is "everything is figure-outable."

 Q: What help did you receive that was crucial to your strength and momentum of moving forward in your business?

We both had mentors who are in health and wellness who helped us realize this dream. Anna the nutritionist of R+A went to Bauman College where the founder Dr. Ed Bauman inspired her to pursue the vision of creating her own nutritional blends. Meanwhile, Viktoriya was taught by many wonderful acupuncturists who also formulated unique blends with Chinese herbs. This is why Anna and Viktoriya merged western and eastern healing traditions.

Rituals + Alchemy Sleep JuJu

Q:  What is something that you learned that was an AHA! moment for you?

The 'aha' moment for us was realizing how much people loved the product from the reviews we received. It inspired us to keep going.

Q:  When feeling stuck creatively or in life, what is your personal practice for rebalancing?

We both have strong meditation practices. We also love nature and both live near the beach in Pacifica and believe that nature brings grounding. We go on hikes and simple walks whenever we feel we need rebalancing.

Q:  Do you have a new product you are excited about for 2020?

We have lots of formulation in the works for the future. Because 2020 has taken an interesting turn, we are taking everything one month at a time.

Q:  Can you give a word of inspiration for other dreamers starting out?

Do not listen to the 'naysayers', only to your own heart. When you're facing an endeavor that looks impossible, your heart will guide you.


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