The Dreamers of Dreams

The Dreamers of Dreams

I've been thinking a lot lately, about all the men & women I know who have created extordinary businesses. Their craft, product, service or offering so deep and profound, thought out and soulful, I am in awe of what is available to us. I am in admiration of their creations, and in total support and inspired by their journeys.

It all starts with a dream..Its true!!  A day dream,  a fanciful thought, a wish, a true desire of what we want most; a sacred prayer for our life and what we want to offer to the world.  Then comes all the next steps of birthing that dream into life...and i love that part too!  I will be doing a series of interviews with some wonderful local creators; talking about how they got started and what they learned along the way.

"We are The Music Makers, and we are the Dreamers of Dreams"  

click above to read full poem by Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy 1844-1881


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