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Vanadinite Double Braid Talisman - Shop Dreamers of Dreams

Vanadinite Double Braid Talisman

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Raw Vanadinite is an excellent crystal for writers who want to get a lot done. It will stimulate you mentally and will help you to improve your energy levels to achieve your goals.

This is a marvelous stone to help you to get things done, and is especially helpful when you have a big work load ahead as it stimulates your creativity and prompts action.

Vanadinite also stimulates you mentally, as it has a strong vibration within the third eye. This helps you to think more clearly about your aims and creates a powerful action to aid you spiritually.  Learn more about Vanadanite here


Crafted with care for a luxuriously smooth experience; Talisman necklaces are made with so that they are soft and balanced. The stone is cradled into an organic bezel setting that feels like the stone came from the earth naturally in ancient Egypt perhaps.     Natures Magic adorning your body.

  • This Beautiful stone is featured on a delicate hand braided black leather with bronze/copper bead finishing

  • Hypoallergenic setting and wire, with aluminum copper and zinc

  • Made with a prayer of love by Elizabeth Cline in San Francisco, CA