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Meticulously Handcrafted + Brilliant Gemstones + Intuitive Design = The Dream Collection

Golden is SHE...

Sun Rays of light - Shine on you Magical Being

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"I ordered the Herkimer Diamond Moon Ring and I absolutely love it! The ring and packaging are so pretty; very well done and Elizabeth has amazing energy, a very genuine person."


How to use your pendulum.

Hold in your dominant hand, and with other hand, lightly touch and cleanse the energy down the chain to bottom of crystal. Now holding with same/non dominant hand underneath...

say "show me YES" and it will perform a movement- circle or other.

now clear the energy down again

say "show me NO" and it will perform a movement- circle or other.

You are ready to use your pendulum.

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Sacred Spaces

Keep and display your most special Treasures in a powerful way with a Bird Earring Keeper.

Eagle, Hawk, Thunderbird, Raven, Pheonix.

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