the Dreamer...

Hello my name is Elizabeth Cline ; I am the Owner + Designer + Visionary behind the brand.

Dreamers of Dreams was launched in late 2019 for my 40th birthday as a conduit to explore making raw crystal adornment with intrinsic power and an elevated style.

an Obsession was born...

It all started with some large Quartz Crystals I found in the earth...

In 2018 my husband and I were lucky enough to purchase a small plot of raw land in the California Sierra Foothills to be our escape from San Francisco city life and someday our retirement.  (It proved to be our most valuable investment for our families sanity in 2020..but that's another story.)

On a rainy winter day, a hillside had been washed out, and peaking out of the mud was a clear quartz crystal point, sparkling in the daylight for the first time since its' ancient creation.

I knew the Sierra Foothills were host to Quartz and Gold veins; but the feeling of finding it myself was exhilarating! 

So I dug in the cold wet mud and mined and unearthed beautiful raw Quartz specimens...and from there a new obsession and DREAM was born.

The right style...

A lot of crystal jewelry I see is in silver and copper, mass produced, curated for a younger audience than me, or is in contrast way out of my price range.

I found that there was this gap -

"Where is the gold crystal jewelry that has an elevated style, and is also inherently connected to Spirit and Joy?"

My passion is to create designs that have intrinsic power to them, and provide the wearer with a sense of their Personal Feminine Power, Inspiration, Grace and Joy.

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"Elevated Gemstone Jewelry to inspire a life of Connection and Joy."

The abundant and colorful collections are handcrafted in my San Francisco studio by myself and a talented team. I design my pieces slowly, and intentionally, with attention to balance, stone pairing, comfort and a profound prayer for creating beauty for others.

It is my sincere pleasure in alchemizing these pieces for you.

xo, Elizabeth

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Crystals & Gemstones

I launched my line with the quartz I found that winter and have since expanded my offerings with ethically sourced gems from around the globe.

My favorites are Lemurian, Herkimer Diamonds, Tourmalines, Ruby, Labradorite, Citrine, and Moldavite.

Crystal Guide

Where does Dreamers of Dreams come from?

You may have heard it before, or it sounds vaguely familiar...

"We are the Music Makers, and we are the Dreamers of Dreams"

Most people recognize it from the original 1971 Willie Wonka Movie staring Gene Wilder based on the book written by Roald Dahl.   

Roald used the quote found in this old poem~"We are the Music Makers, the Dreamers of Dreams" by Arthur William Edgar O'shaughnessy1844-1881

Read Full Poem here