#3 Misha Miller : Misha Miller Fotografi

#3 Misha Miller : Misha Miller Fotografi

Misha Miller fotografi photography

Maker: Misha Miller     Business: Misha Miller Fotografi

Product/Service Description: I hold space for folks to be seen with new eyes, to see themselves through another lens. Capturing images that tell a story of our deeper callings, our soul stories. 

Q: Can You distill you business vision down to 3 words?

Reveal Story Magic

Q: When was your first spark of an idea that transformed into your now business?

To step into the creative realms with folks, to create art, and be in the magic and flow of the creative process together. To collaborate. To reveal our true natures and deeper stories we cary in our bodies and souls. Through this process empowering the creatives in all of us to thrive and be seen. To share our gifts.


Q: What part of starting your company did you really enjoy?

I've enjoyed stepping into the mystery, diving head first. Letting the business define itself through a process of discovery, becoming what it truly wants to be.


Q: What aspect of doing business have you felt challenged by? and how did you overcome it?

I have felt challenged by staying in the flow through the ebbs and flows of life. I just keep going, stay connected, keep scheduling, even give myself a play day and create just for me, thats the best! Also working with an amazing Coach Casey Carroll of Bold Women Brands in New York has been a game changer, cant say enough. Love her & love them! What a great team to have on my side!


Q: What help did you receive that was crucial to your strength and momentum of moving forward in your business?

Bold Woman Brands!! Casey Carroll 100 percent

Q:  What is something that you learned that was an AHA! moment for you?

Learning to Value my vision and my work, and trust that others will too, if i do!

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Q:  When feeling stuck creatively or in life, what is your personal practice for rebalancing?

Yoga! And connecting with other creatives and business owners


Q:  Do you have a new product you are excited about for 2020?

I'm excited about inviting others in to the Mystery to be in the creative process with me, in a discovery session. Letting the intuitive process take lead, with intention and trusting the moment. Creating some iconic images that tell a bigger story. Inviting us to live into that story and come to know it in ourselves. Breaking open a new way of seeing that we might not previously have seen for ourselves when merely looking in the mirror.

 Q:  Can you give a word of inspiration for other dreamers starting out?

Keep going, keep saying yes, showing up, making dates, connecting and sharing your vision. It will evolve, you will evolve, just get going!

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photos: Misha Miller Fotografi  www.mishamiller.com