The Art of Tangible Medicinal Crystal Jewelry and Apothecary Goods

"​Inspiration and dreams of what we can create in this earthly world are so much bigger than what we perceive. "

Elizabeth Cline and Dreamers of Dreams photo by
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As an artist, I have been designing and making either clothing, jewelry or artwork since i can remember.  ​It brings me the greatest joy to collect different minerals and crystals and to selectively make something so beautiful for someone else to adorn themselves with, feeling the magic, and others may see that beauty and feel joy too.  

- all of this -

This is for you, This is for me
This is for our ancestors that dreamed us
and our children who teach us!

In the Apothecary section, I am curating a selection of  products that I use and love and want to share.  I deeply believe in these small business Artists and what they bring to the world.  They are magic and healing for our body to be sure!! 

with love, Elizabeth Cline.
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poem by
Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnessy 1844-1881