# 6 Linda Aldredge : LuLu Organics

# 6 Linda Aldredge : LuLu Organics

Linda Aldredge Lulu Organics
Maker: Linda Aldredge   
Business: LuLu Organics
Product/Service Description: Small, Organic Beauty + Wellness Company.
Q: Can You distill your business vision down to 3 words?
Down-To-Earth lulu organics apothecary bottlesQ: When was your inspiration for starting Lulu Organics?
I used to work in the beauty and fashion industry and I was pretty burnt out so I started to just play around with making my own products. People loved them so I took a big old leap and started to sell them. In general I was raised in a hippie home and have always been really interested in healing and wellness.  

Q: What part of starting your company did you really enjoy?

The branding! I'm a designer by trade so making really beautiful packaging never gets old.  

Q: What aspect of doing business have you felt challenged by, and how did you overcome it?

Scaling my business is so incredibly challenging for me. And for the reason that a: I'm a bit of a control freak and b: you are constantly being challenged by the reality that you're contributing to the capitalist system, which I really struggle with.  lulu oragnics sniffle balm

Q: What help did you receive that was crucial to your strength and momentum of moving forward in your business?

Kind of none. I've always been very much on my own in this journey. Outside of the support of family and friends, I had no industry insight, no mentors.

Q:  What is something that you learned that was an AHA! moment for you?

Not taking things personally. It's just business! It does not require an emotional response. That was super freeing when I really took that notion on.

Q:  When feeling stuck creatively or in life, what is your personal practice for rebalancing?
Trying to network with like minded business creatives always helps, doing trade shows where I get to interface with people who love my work... and moving my body- always!

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Q:  Do you have a new product you are excited about for 2020?


We are coming out with a cute little product set housed in a tote bag designed by the artist Maddy Nye. 

Q:  Can you give a word of inspiration for other dreamers starting out?

Believe in yourself! I've been fired from every job I've ever had, if I internalized that I would never had had the courage to do my own thing. Weirdos make the best business owners.



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