These are a few organizations whom I will be supportting in 2023

DIG DEEP - Navajo Water Project

digdeep has one, simple mission:

Get running water and a working toilet to every American. Life without running water is more complicated, and more expensive. Yet millions of Americans spend hours each week hauling water from streams, wells, or grocery stores — hours taken away from work, studying, or playing.

They live with a higher risk of waterborne disease, type 2 diabetes, physical injury, and acute mental stress, and they spend thousands each year to get the water they need to bathe, cook, clean, and stay hydrated.


Creating hope and opportunity for incarcerated people and pets so both may find a path home.

Marley’s Mutts® partners with California state prisons to select 24-30 incarcerated individuals and 8-10 at-risk shelter dogs for each prison program cycle. Interested candidates submit an application for the program, write an essay and undergo an interview.  Those chosen for the program submit to a 14 week course, that involves very challenging blocks of course work which involve weekly homework assignments and personal goals.