Muscovite stimulates agility of thought, and fosters the solving of problems by using information from the past. It will help you if you are studying as it allows you to use all parts of your mind.

Mica Muscovite raw crystal
This stone will stimulate better problem solving abilities in everyone, and it helps to stimulate confidence and ease tension.
This is a stone of possibilities and may help you if you have been unintentionally holding yourself back from living a life that might be more fulfilling. 
It assists you to look back to the past and learn from it, while allowing the unfolding of your innate gifts in the present.
The energy of this stone may specifically assist you to develop your intuition, ESP, psychic visions also known as clairvoyance and telepathic abilities.
Its energy makes you more open to receiving information from spirit and from your spirit guides. Their vibration helps you to integrate and receive information from the future that will assist your present life.
Black Tourmaline with Mica