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 Maker: Elizabeth Cline    Business: Shop Dreamers of Dreams

Product/Service: Lux Crystal Jewelry & Apothecary Goods


Q:  Can You distill your business vision down to 3 words?

Treasure - Earth - Alchemy

Q:  What was your inspiration for your business?

For my jewelry: Its been an idea for about 20 years...this basic desire that I want to wear BIG RAW CRYSTALS!  This last year I had the pleasure of mining a quartz crystal pocket...(a specific spot where you find an area of crystals under the ground all together). 

california gold quartz mining

I unearthed these massive quartz formations and became completely mesmerized. This is when my desire to have huge crystals as jewelry became fueled by an unstoppable creative fire. 

I now had gorgeous jewelry pieces I wanted to share, and I also saw within my community incredible makers of fantastic products I loved too!  These products I love and use everyday felt like they were my personal treasure that I needed to share with others.  It's not just about me, it's about us all! There is so much goodness to be had. I want Dreamers of Dreams to be a container for all these earthly gifts.

 Q:  What part of starting your company did you really enjoy?

Of course I love the creation process! Actually making something with my hands is SOUL fulfilling! I also super enjoy more technical aspects, like photoshop, inventory management and creating a website. It was recommended to me to use Shopify, and out of the 1/2 dozen business websites i've put together over the years, it has turned out to be such a fun platform to work in.

Q:  What aspect of doing business have you felt challenged by and how did you overcome it?

Just starting. I almost stopped myself before I started. Feeling anxiety over worthiness; did I have anything good to offer? I thought to myself "everyone makes jewelry how will mine be different" and this crappy old belief  "artists don't make money".

I saw a dear friend and mentor of mine, and she basically sat me down and turned it around for me. Through setting intentions and a prayer for my life going forward, I decided to throw those old beliefs out the window.

Of course no one was exactly like me! I have something wonderful to offer, and YES artists do make money!

Q:  What help did you receive that was crucial to your strength and momentum of moving forward in your business?

Actually - learning to simply ask for help!  

As entrepreneurs we handle all the many aspects of business and I can tell you as a Virgo with a do it all myself attitude, "asking for help" seemed like a foreign language...literally I never thought of that (i think that stems off the not being worthy of someone else's time misbelief...) So now I felt comfortable throwing ideas out there with friends, getting feedback on things like fonts, pictures, colors, products etc. etc. 

As well as actually seeking help from professionals within my community like Carolyn at HumanPaperCo.com creating amazing tags for me! It took the permission from my mentor - this powerful woman I admire, that YES indeed reach out, make it a team effort.

In essence it was the encouragement of being vulnerable and opening up to help.

Q:  What is something that you learned that was an AHA! moment for you?

Through a recommendation from a friend, I hired this awesome guy who schooled me on some inner workings of website and search engine optimization (SEO- a must know term for small business)...and while we were working on my website and the many unique one of a kind product listings, he asked "is this sustainable for you?" and AHA! that was the perfect question I needed...to put me on the right path of understanding how I would continue to make amazing jewelry and scale and grow my business. Thank you Jacque for all you do!

Q:  When feeling stuck creatively or in life, what is your personal practice for rebalancing?

Step away..and make something with my hands; it is a meditative practice..it quiets the mind of chit chat so i can hear on a deeper intuitive level. Also, listening to what my body needs. Often it is: "I need a drink of water" or "soak in a hot bath".  

It must be my Earthiness that needs soothing water to soften and let it all flow! Less working in the mind space and more self care!

"Stop and take some time for yourself!"


Q:  Do you have a new product you are excited about for 2020?

I have been dreaming up a lovely copper cuff bracelet, hammered and stamped and with crystals set in. I am very excited to experiment with it, until I find the perfect combo.  In Home Decor, i just birthed the Druzy Moon Wall Hanging, and I am looking forward to expanding that collection!

Q:  Can you give a word of inspiration for other dreamers starting out?

#1 Start...somewhere, anywhere. Don't agonize over things like your business card design or whether or not something is good enough. Learn to make the time between the idea in your mind to physical reality quicker, and remember- everything changes as it goes..thank goodness! Don't try to be perfect on your first try.

#2 ASK for help! This is so powerful... and for many of us seems so daunting. You still have to put in the work, but there are people who support you and want to help!

with gratitude-  Elizabeth

san francisco jewelry artist Elizabeth Cline

photos by: Misha Miller -  www.mishamiller.com

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