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Dreamers Holographic Sticker - Shop Dreamers of Dreams
Dreamers Holographic Sticker - Shop Dreamers of Dreams

ALCHEMY Holographic Sticker

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Dreamers of Dreams Symbolic Rainbow Eye Candy for you!!

3.5" x 2" solid weatherproof/waterproof holographic sticker.

What the Dreamers Logo Symbolizes to me -

The upward facing triangle represents Manifestation/ Male Energy / Rising / Fire / Creative / Sun = Creative Fire!

The lower downward facing triangle is Earth / Female  Energy/ Divine Feminine Sexuality /  Lunar = The well from which we Birth.

Together they balance each other.

The wings are Owl Wings representing a higher knowing, courage and inspiration.

The Ouroboros - (The snake or dragon eating its own tail) symbolizes the cyclical nature of life and death and also the infinity of life, our soul and wholeness.

It originates in ancient Egypt, later adopted by the Greek and then most notably an alchemical symbol.