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  • Moldavite Double Hoops - Shop Dreamers of Dreams
  • Moldavite Double Hoops - Shop Dreamers of Dreams
  • Moldavite Double Hoops - Shop Dreamers of Dreams
  • Moldavite Double Hoops - Shop Dreamers of Dreams
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Moldavite Hoop Earrings

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Large Gold Hoop Moldavite Earrings

18k gold fill hypoallergenic hooks

Each Moldavite piece is electro formed in energy conductive Copper and 18k gold plated.

One of my all time favorites, for me this is aĀ positive and powerfully transformative stoneĀ you will love! Ever sinceĀ I learned aboutĀ Moldavite,Ā I haveĀ been smitten.

Hand selected real moldavite- HandĀ Crafted by Elizabeth Cline in Northern California

Energy Cleansed, Blessed and Wrapped in a Dreamers Jewelry Bag

A little Bit about Moldavite: Where is Moldavite From? All of the genuine pieces of this crystal come fromĀ only one area of the world in the Czech Republic. The meaning of the name Moldavite relates to the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia.

A meteorite of enormous size is known to have crashed in the Czechoslovakian mountain region about 15 million years ago. Its impact is said to have had more power than an atomic explosion.Ā This amazing stone was created by the heat of an incredible impact that had extraordinary force. Its aero-dynamic shape suggests that in all likelihood this attractive green stone fell from the heavens.

Learn more about MoldaviteĀ here

Care Instructions


Handcrafted by Elizabeth Cline in Northern California. Every stone is unique in shape, color and organic imperfections ā€“ just like us! I celebrate these natural qualities within my creative process and designs.

Caring for your new treasure

*Remove rings and jewelry before washing your hands, showering, applying moisturizers & swimming. Prolonged exposure to water degrades the metallic finish. While traveling, it is best practice to store your jewelry piece in itā€™s own bag to avoid damage.

*It is also a good idea to display your jewelry and/or Home Decor Pieces in a room other than the bathroom. Due to the inherent moisture that accumulates, most metals, metallic finishes and some crystals can be effected.Ā 

Clearing and Blessing your Jewelry and Stones

I prefer cleansing the energy of my stones through smudging. I use Mugwort, Palo Santo, Cedar or Sage to name a few. Holding the stone over the smoke, I ask to ā€œclear the energy of this stone and fill with light radianceā€œ, ā€œbless this stone with joy and all things goodā€. You can bless and set intentions to activate your crystals, jewelry and talismans for whatever YOU are needing or serves your highest good!


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