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Sacred Alchemy Anointing Oils Set

Sacred Alchemy Anointing Oils Set

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Route Five’s Sacred Alchemy Anointing Oils are slow-steeped in deep prayer, wildcrafted plants, Reiki-Raw Quartz Crystal transmissions, and hand-poured into smalted cobalt blue glass under the potency of the full moon.

Set of all 5 Scared Alchemy Anointing Oils includes:





ASCENCION x Espiritu

Her formulas are blended from high-quality, consciously-sourced plants that are pure, natural, non-synthetic, chemical-free, cruelty-free, single botanical, non- GMO, via farms that are committed to ethical methods of planting, growing, & harvesting. 
With every prayerful application, your relationship with the plant and crystal kingdoms will broaden your connection to all that is. Each odorant molecule is lovingly activated
with the intention of deepening your contact to the expansive territory of your inner-being and other multi-demential realms. 

Experience the rapturous harmony of your precious aliveness.

Hand Crafted by Dr. Arinn Testa of Route Five in California

Below is a brief description of each oil: 

COMMUNION connects you to the lush, complexity of roots, lichens, mosses, plants, trees, mineral rich soils, wet, musky bark, deep, sweet, spicy leaves, petals, and succulent, fertile stamen.

The aromas of this anointing oil will transport you  to a tranquil walk in the woods, delivering you into the depths of your own subterranean landscape, acting as a bridge between your physical form and multidimensional spirit. This process of grounding with the earth anchors you to the core of your being allowing you to drop more effectively into prayer or other spiritual practices. You are connected to All life. Molecules from your human form are interconnected with all that is, no beginning, no end. In this communion with All life you may experience profound love for your existence, your body, your worth. To love and care for yourself unconditionally is referred to as Philautia Love, it’s not something that you create anew, it has always been abundantly available to you from Source at your core.


BAPTISM connects you to the rich, velvety, opulence of blooming roses warmed by the dewy morning sun in autumn as the deep, smoothe, woody undertones of sandalwood invite you to rest easefully upon willowy lakeshores frolicking whimsically with the soft, sensual notes of wild crafted, resinous dragons blood.

Allow this lush oil to transport you to unimaginable depths of love and compassion for this precious life. The fluids of your human form circulate in rhythm with the tides of the ocean ebbing and flowing in concert with the moon to restore you to balance, replenish your system, and refresh your life. Cleansing, purifying, making life possible. Dive into the deep waters of  your intuition, feeling the wisdom of your body, and the bewildering range of your emotional reservoir.


SACRED HEART connects you to the spicy, sweet warmth of cinnamon bark (Cassia) elevated by the sharp, pungency of Madagascar black pepper. It evokes a sultry August night by the campfire with smokey hints of cedarwood and bright fruity undertones of Damiana.

These aromas offer a calming, uplifting, aphrodisiac effect on your mood. Let the heat of this oil burn away all that does not serve you, summoning you to move from the golden seed of your being. Indulge in sensual pleasures, taking risks, and determine confidently the highest good for yourself and others. The cauldron of your heart burns eternal like the sun, radiating outward, filling all the spaces, people, and places around you with your resplendence, offering hope of a new day.


REVELATION connects you to the bright, cool, expansive essense of your cosmic consciousness. It’s a refreshing crisp breeze that stirs you into contemplative focus while simultaneously lifting you gently into the rapturous folds of your existence.

Imagine turning your face to the sky, nebulous clouds part revealing a Kaleidoscope of colors and textures that carry you pleasantly off thru innerspace. Timelessly you float, listening for the wind to reveal its secrets. Upon returning to earth, you breathe in its intoxicating pleasures with clarity of purpose, waxing poetic to the rhythms of your highest delight. Allow the healing elements of this oil to ease you into becoming lost in your thoughts, beyond the threshold of what is directly observable, deep into your personal and the collective unconscious.


ASCENSIÓN immerses you in a deep tranquility of mind; soothing, elevating, and enchanting your being on all dimensions. Frankincense, Myrrh, and Benzoin provide a sublime blend of aromas distilled from the resinous, weepy tears of these sacred, ancient trees. 

Your devotional anointing practice has the potential to shift you into higher levels of consciousness by developing your connection to the divine and your unique expression of divine light. This oil is especially potent, elevated by the celestial frequencies of gold offering protection, visibility, and anchoring into both the supernatural and earthly planes. Move further into higher vibrational frequencies without being pulled back into lower energies tied to fear. 

Care Instructions


Handcrafted by Elizabeth Cline in Northern California. Every stone is unique in shape, color and organic imperfections – just like us! I celebrate these natural qualities within my creative process and designs.

Caring for your new treasure

*Remove rings and jewelry before washing your hands, showering, applying moisturizers & swimming. Prolonged exposure to water degrades the metallic finish. While traveling, it is best practice to store your jewelry piece in it’s own bag to avoid damage.

*It is also a good idea to display your jewelry and/or Home Decor Pieces in a room other than the bathroom. Due to the inherent moisture that accumulates, most metals, metallic finishes and some crystals can be effected. 

Clearing and Blessing your Jewelry and Stones

I prefer cleansing the energy of my stones through smudging. I use Mugwort, Palo Santo, Cedar or Sage to name a few. Holding the stone over the smoke, I ask to “clear the energy of this stone and fill with light radiance“, “bless this stone with joy and all things good”. You can bless and set intentions to activate your crystals, jewelry and talismans for whatever YOU are needing or serves your highest good!


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